01 March 2018

 Selections from Pilsner Panther’s collection of over 12,000 vintage sound recordings. The playlist changes at the beginning of every month, and downloads are always 100% free.  Scroll down for the full playlist.

Abe Schwartz and his Klezmer Band - Odessa Bulgar (1927)

Andy Kirk and his Clouds Of Joy - Blue Clarinet Stomp (1929)

Arthur Schutt - Piano Puzzle (1929)

Ben Bernie and his Orchestra - Ten Little Miles From Town (1928)

Boots and his Buddies - Rhythmic Rhapsody (1935)

Cats and the Fiddle - Nothin’ (1937)

Cliff Jackson and his Krazy Kats - Torrid Rhythm (1928)

Ed Lang and his Orchestra with Mildred Bailey - What Kind O’ Man 

Is You? (1929)

Halfway House Orchestra  - Pussy Cat Rag (1925)

Mississippi Sheiks - Sales Tax (1934)

Reginald Foresythe and his Orchestra - Dodgin
A Divorcee (1935)

Cliff Edwards (Ukulele Ike) - Its Only A Paper Moon (1933)